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The Book ~
"Buying a Business 
Made Easier"

This practical guide,  written in understandable "shirt sleeve" language, simplifies a very complex subject.  The book focuses upon the motivations and perceptions that drive a sale. The Case Studies and Examples provided illustrate every major issue and help make this complex subject easier to understand.

The book walks you through the Business Buying Process one step at a time.  Each major point is illustrated with an actual case study example so you can buy your business as if you had purchased businesses hundreds of times before.

Some of the tips and insider information  illustrated in "Buying a Business Made Easier"

  • Three questions to ask so you don't waste time and money reviewing businesses that don't "fit" you or your lifestyle - cut right to the quick without offending either the seller nor the sellers advisors
  • Ask the four key questions used by the Pros to determine profitability before seeing the books - Save hundreds of hours and perhaps thousands of dollars in professional fees analyzing businesses you should never buy
  • Learn how to determine the real profits of any business, especially cash businesses, using techniques employed by the IRS and savvy business buyers
  • Avoid pitfalls and common mistakes that can cost dearly  
  • Learn negotiation techniques that produce win-win results
  • Where to obtain the best advice (and it's usually free)
  • Determine a proper price and transaction structure for purchasing the business (it's not what you pay but rather how you pay it).

The Book represent a compilation of the experience gained in successfully negotiating the purchase and sale of more than 2,000 businesses.  The information is based upon real experiences and not scholarly theory. Learn how to buy your business like a pro.

Profit from the experience and insight gained 
in negotiating more than two thousand business transfers"

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